Welcome to my site! If you are looking for custom mobile app development, or HTML5 mobile-optimized web development, then you have come to the right place.

I have over 20 years industry experience in software development, and over 13 years experience specializing in mobile development. I mostly work with native Android app development in Java and Kotlin, but also do HTML5 mobile optimized web development, including PhoneGap (Cordova) deployments.

To cater for managing typical data-collection scenarios and mobile workforces, I have been actively developing and refining a cloud-based service and mobile companion app called SpleenForms. Please feel free to contact me about this if you want to quickly get into utilizing mobile devices for your day to day business processes.


This is another app I developed using my SyncElements framework. The app contains accurate geographic map data (courtesy of, and can quiz you on your knowledge of world countries and major cities. You can also see a leaderboard of top scores.

US Farmers Markets

As a concrete example of what can be achieved with SyncElements, I have written and published a new Android app called ‘U.S. Farmers Markets’, now available for free on Google Play. The app has data for over 8,000 markets compiled into the app, with the ability to also fetch new/modified markets via the ‘Refresh’ button.

Haccpac Mobile

I’ve been working closely with the team at Vada Computing in the development, testing and release of their new Job Allocation and Tracking product for the home care industry.

Haccpac utilizes SpleenForms at its core, with data automatically synchronized to their central servers via the SpleenForms Secure Remote API.

I’m excited about the launch of this new product, and will be continuing to work closely with them in the future. Check out their product page here: